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Product Name: Alkylbenzene
Synonyms: Linear Alkyl Benzene; LAB
CAS: 67774-74-7
MF: C16H26
EINECS: 267-051-0
Appearance: Colorless or slightly yellow transparent, non-suspended liquid
Packing:Tanker,Bulk chemical carrier,Flexibag

LAB is a raw material of an important anionic surfactant, Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate, widely used in daily chemical washing, textile auxiliaries, industrial cleaning, printing and dyeing, electroplating, leather and paper industry etc.


LAB easily reacts with fuming sulfuric acid or SO3 to produce alkyl benzene sulfonic acid(LABSA). It is currently the most important raw material for domestic civilian detergent products. Various civilian detergents produced from industrial linear alkyl benzene have the characteristics of strong detergency, good sterilization effect, no residue, and no pollution.

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