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Product Name:Behentrimonium Methosulfate
Synonyms: BTMS 25,BTMS 50
CAS No.: 81646-13-1
MF: C26H57NO4S
EINECS: 279-791-1
Purity:25%, 50%, 80%
Appearance: White flake or powder

Behentrimonium Methosulfate is used as an antistatic agent, antibacterial agent, hair conditioner, and surfactant in cosmetics.


BTMS 25 or BTMS 50 has an excellent thickening effect, and brings significant thickness to the emulsified formula paste. It is more hydrophobic in nature, and it is easier to deposit positive cationic terminals and lipids on the hair than conventional C18 quaternary ammonium salts, thereby providing better conditioning performance. At the same time, the hydrophobicity and deposition behavior of BTMS make the product have excellent dry hair combing properties, without the need to deposit with other polymer quaternary ammonium compounds, but also excellent conditioning properties, and the formulation application is convenient.

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