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Product Name: Cytidine
CAS: 65-46-3
MF: C9H13N3O5
MW: 243.22
EINECS: 200-610-9
Appearance: White to almost white powder

Cytidine ss a pyrimidine nucleoside is mainly used to produce intermediates of anti-tumor and anti-viral drugs. It is used to produce cytarabine (Ara-CR), cyclocytidine (CycloC), cytidine triphosphate (CTP), and cytidine. The main raw material for drugs such as CDP-Choline.


Application: Raw materials for drug synthesis and biochemical reagents

Upstream product: Cytosine

Downstream products: CTP, CDP-choline, 2′, 3′-dodeoxycytidine, cytarabine, etc.

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