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Dimethicone 350
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Dimethicone 350

Dimethicone 350

Product Name: Dimethicone
Synonyms: Dimethicone 350
CAS: 9006-65-9
MF: C6H18OSi2
MW: 162.37752
Appearance: Colourless to slightly yellow liquid

Dimethicone 350 is odorless and non-toxic, has physiological inertness, good chemical stability, electrical insulation and weather resistance, wide viscosity range, low freezing point, high flash point, good hydrophobicity, and has high shear resistance. Used for a long time at 50~180℃, it is widely used as insulation, lubrication, anti-vibration, dustproof oil, dielectric fluid and heat carrier, and as an additive for defoaming, film release, paint and daily cosmetics.

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