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Product Name: DL-Panthenol
CAS: 16485-10-2
MF: C9H19NO4
MW: 205.25
EINECS: 240-540-6
Appearance: White powder

•Appearance and properties: DL-panthenol is the precursor of vitamin B5, so it is also called provitamin B5. It is a white powdery solid. Slightly special smell, easy to absorb moisture. DL-Panthenol is easily soluble in water, ethanol, methanol and propylene glycol, soluble in chloroform and chloroform, slightly soluble in glycerin, and insoluble in vegetable oil, mineral oil and fat. Relatively stable in the air and under light.

•Function and effect: widely used in medicine, food and cosmetics industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, as a vitamin B medicine.

•Dosage: This product can be directly added to cosmetics, it is recommended to add 1.0% to 5.0% in shampoos and washing conditioners: 0.1% to 0.5% can be added to reserved conditioners and styling detergents; in hair spray 0.1%~0.3% can be added to the liquid, 0.3%~0.5% can be added to the setting agent; 0.5%~1.0% can be added to the hair gel and hair cream.

•Packing: DL-Panthenol is packed in polyethylene plastic bags on the inner layer, and vacuum packed in aluminum pouches on the outer layer, 20kg per bag. The outer packaging is a corrugated cardboard box. Or according to customer requirements.

•Storage conditions: DL-panthenol should be stored in a cool and dry warehouse. Once the package is opened, please use it up as soon as possible.

• Validity: 36 months in unopened original packaging.

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