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Onerbio Dihydroxyacetone DHA Feedback from Our Clients
Dihydroxyacetone as skin tanning material is popular in US.  We received some feedbacks from our DHA clients.   ...
The sample to Poland client
We sent USP26 standard PVP K90 sample to Mr. Janczak for testing. He had received parcel last week, and was satisfie...


Product Name: DMPT
CAS: 4337-33-1
MF: C5H11ClO2S
MW: 170.66
Appearance: White powder

DMPT is mostly to be used as bait for fishing, to improve the attractivity of bait, and make fish easy to bite.


The industrial use of DMPT is as a green aquatic feed additive to promote the ingestion of aquatic animals and increase their growth rate.

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