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Product Name: Levodopa
Synonyms: L-Dopa
CAS: 59-92-7
MF: C9H11NO4
MW: 197.19
EINECS: 200-445-2
Appearance: White Crystalline Powder

Levodopa is an important biologically active substance in the organism, and an important intermediate product in the process of biochemical metabolism from L-tyrosine to catechol or melanin. It has a diphenolic structure and is unstable in nature. It is easily oxidized and deteriorated by oxygen in the air. Its aqueous solution will turn black after being stored for a long time, and high temperature and other factors can accelerate its change. Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter. Levodopa can pass through the blood-brain barrier and decarboxylate to form this substance in the brain tissue, thereby increasing the content of dopamine in the brain tissue for the purpose of treatment. Our company uses microbial enzymatic technology to convert different substrates into levodopa using enzymes in the metabolic pathway.


Uses: It has become the most effective drug for the treatment of common senile disease Parkinson’s disease; it can also be used to treat amblyopia, hyperactivity of the legs, hepatic coma, heart failure, alopecia and other diseases; in addition, it also has anti-aging effects, in health care It has significant effects in the field of beauty.

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