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Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate(SCI)
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Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate(SCI)


For the past few years, in the developed countries, the soap is not only used for cleaning but also including the function of skincare and pharmaceutical.

The traditional soap-like magnesium soap and Calcium soap- would make scum easily and few bubbles while using it under hard water. Indeed, the skin would be dry and tight after using because the PH of soap is high but the PH of human skin is around 5.5~6.5. Thus, this kind of soap is not suitable for the people who have sensitive skin or living in dry region.


Sodium cocoyl Isethionate(SCI) is a friendly to environment surfactant which is made from coconut fatty acid. This kind of surfactant is low irritation to human’s skin due to weak acid PH around 5.0~7.0. SCI is lipophilic, therefore the feeling after washing is silky.  Also, the bubble of SCI is plenty, stable, meticulous when to use it under hard water.

There is no soap scum for SCI. even if to mix it with traditional soap, the soap still appears plenty and meticulous bubble under hard water. By the way, due to the lipophilicity of SCI, the combo soap bar would be low irritation for skin and can improve the feeling of dry and tight on skin

SCI is easy to mix with mostly surfactants for innovation formulation, can improve the function of bubble & creamy feeling.

The facial cleanser with SCI can make the form as gel easily & pearl-like paste, also provide a moisturizing effect that prevents the skin getting dry after washing.


Adding SCI to shower gel can effectively solve the rinsing issue & stickiness feeling from the traditional shower gel, also solve problems such as dry and itchy skin from the traditional soap, keeping the skin moist and soft after washing.