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Product Name: Thymol
CAS: 89-83-8
MF: C10H14O
MW: 150.22
EINECS: 201-944-8
Appearance: white crystal, with the lasting hot smell
Standard: USP
Package: 25kg/drum

What is Thymol used for?

Thymol is a constituent of oil of thyme, a naturally occurring mixture of compounds in the plant Thymus vulgaris L., or thyme. Thymol is an active ingredient in pesticide products registered for use as animal repellents, fungicides/fungistats, medical disinfectants, tuberculocides, and virucides.


Is Thymol good for skin?

Thymol, an essential oil extracted from thyme plant, exhibits outstanding antibacterial properties, but more importantly, it proves to be much more compatible to skin cells in comparison to some conventionally used antibiotic drugs and chemicals.



Thymol improves digestion by relaxing smooth muscles, prevents menstrual cramps, attenuates respiratory problems and is an active ingredient used in food flavorings, topical ointments, various soaps, toothpastes, shampoos, deodorants and mouthwashes.

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