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Product Name: Toltrazuil
CAS : 69004-03-1
MF: C18H14F3N3O4S
MW: 425.39
EINECS: 614-893-5
Appearance: White or almost white crystalline powder

Use: Anticoccidial drugs. For the treatment of poultry coccidiosis. The product of the chicken type of reactor, Brinell, giant, soft, gentle poison Eimeria; Turkey Eimeria gland, Turkey Eimeria; And goose goose Eimeria ball. Insects, cross-sectional shape Eimeria have good suppression of killing effect.
Usage: Made Toltrazuril solution. Poultry drinking water mixed with 25mg daily 1L
1. Continuous application easy to make coccidia resistance, and even the existence of cross-resistance (diclazuril), therefore, the application shall not exceed six consecutive months.
2. Chicken Withdrawal period should be 19 days.

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