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Xanthan Gum
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Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum

Product Name: Xanthan Gum
CAS: 11138-66-2
MF: C8H14Cl2N2O2
MW: 241.11496
EINECS: 234-394-2
Appearance: White powder

Xanthan Gum Application:

1. Food: Xanthan gum is added to many foods as stabilizers, emulsifiers, suspending agents, thickeners and processing aids. It is widely used in salad dressings, bread, dairy products, frozen foods, beverages, and condiments , Brewing, candy, cakes, soups and canned food.


2. Chemical industry: Xanthan gum has the effects of anti-oxidation and preventing skin aging. In addition, xanthan gum can also be used as a component of toothpaste to substantially thicken and shape, reduce tooth surface wear.


3. Medical aspect: Xanthan gum is a functional component in the current international microcapsule drug capsule, which plays an important role in controlling the sustained release of drugs.



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