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Alkyl Polyglucoside
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Alkyl Polyglucoside

Alkyl Polyglucoside

Product Name: Alkyl Polyglucoside
Synonyms: Alkyl Polyglycoside
Series:APG0810(CAS 68515-73-1), APG0814(CAS 141464-42-8), APG1214(CAS 110615-47-9)
Package: 220KG/DRUM; 1100KG/IBC; ISO tank

Alkyl Polyglucoside (APG) is a kind of non-ionic surfactant, the raw material glucose and high-carbon alcohol used in it are all from natural renewable materials. The production process and products do not produce environmental pollution, so this product is a natural, mild green product. APG is currently mainly used in various cosmetics, industrial cleaning agents, vegetable and fruit cleaning agents, dishwashing detergents, children’s shampoos, children’s shampoos, adult shampoos, body washes and other daily chemicals. In addition, it is also widely used as a synergist for pesticide emulsifiers, dispersants, pesticides and herbicides.


Product Name APG0810 APG0814 APG1214
Appearance(25) Light yellow liquid Light yellow liquid Light yellow liquid
Alkyl carbon number 8-10 8-14 12-14
Solid content(w/t %) ≥50% ≥50% ≥50%
Sugar aggregation 1.4-1.8 1.4-1.8 1.4-1.8
Residual fat alcohol 1% 1% 1%
PH value 6-811.5-12.5 6-811.5-12.5 6-811.5-12.5
Inorganic salt ≤3% ≤3% ≤3%
Suggested fields of use Pesticide adjuvant;
Various hard surface cleaning agents;
Industrial detergents
Textile refining agents, detergents, penetrants;
Shampoos and body washes and cosmetics;
Dishwashing detergents; Industrial detergents

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