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Guanidineacetic Acid
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Guanidineacetic Acid

Guanidineacetic Acid

Product Name: Guanidineacetic acid
Synonyms: GAA
CAS: 352-97-6
MF: C3H7N3O2
MW: 117.11 EINECS: 206-529-5 Appearance: White powder
Guanidineacetic Acid Function Features:
1. Improving animals size: Phosphocreatine only exists largely in muscles and nerve tissue, but little is found in adipose tisue, so it helps energy transfer and distribute in muscle tissue.
2. Promoting growth: Glycocyamine is a precursor of creatine. It has the advantages of stable performance and high absorptivity, so it makes more energy be distributes to accelerate the synthesis of muscle tissue.
3. Stable product quality, safe using performance: Glycocyamine finally is metabolized and removed from body as the form of creatinine, none left in the animal’s body, which overcomes toxic side effect of clenbuterol, that is good in safety.
4. Scavenging free radical, improving the color of flesh: Replenishing incarnadine can reduce the production of mitochodrial free radical, which can help improve the color and quality of meat.
5. Improving reproductive performance of boar: Glycocyamine provides gonad sufficient energy, enhances sperm count and sperm viability.

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