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  • 1,3-Dihydroxyacetone
  • 1,3-Dihydroxyacetone
  • 1,3-Dihydroxyacetone


Product Name: 1,3-Dihydroxyacetone
Synonyms: DHA
CAS: 96-26-4
MF: C3H6O3
MW: 90.08
EINECS: 202-494-5
Appearance: White powder

1,3-Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a self-tanning agent used in cosmetics designed to provide a tanned appearance without the need for sun exposure.


Dihydroxyacetone powder is used as a major ingredient in most sunless tanning products. It can be used alone for the desired effect or combined with other tanning additives such as Erythrulose for a more specific effect. Regardless of the product used, the user’s skin usually begins to change color within 2-4 hours. Over the next 24-72 hours, the color will get darker.


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