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Taurocholic Acid Sodium Salt Hydrate
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Taurocholic Acid Sodium Salt Hydrate

Taurocholic Acid Sodium Salt Hydrate

Product Name: Taurocholic Acid Sodium Salt Hydrate
Synonyms: Sodium Taurocholate Hydrate
CAS: 345909-26-4
MF: C26H46NNaO8S
MW: 555.70011
EINECS: 804-788-4
Appearance: White powder

Taurocholic Acid Sodium Salt Hydrate (Sodium taurocholate hydrate) is a choleretic. The sodium salt of it is a lipase accelerator. Also used as a method for the quantitation of conjugated bile acids in dried blood spots using electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry.


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