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Erythrulose Tanner


Product Name: Erythrulose
Synonyms: DHB
CAS: 40031-31-0
MF: C4H8O4
MW: 120.1
Purity: 76%
Appearance: Yellow liquid

Erythrulose is a natural ketose. Generally used in conjunction with Dihydroxyacetone DHA to make DHA darker and more evenly distributed.

The main role of erythrulose in cosmetics and skin care products is a moisturizer and a chemical sunscreen, with a risk factor of 1. It is relatively safe and can be used with confidence. It generally has no effect on pregnant women. Erythrulose is not acne-causing.

It is mainly used as a raw material for cosmetic formulations, especially as a sunscreen with special effects, can prevent excessive evaporation of skin moisture, and play a role in moisturizing, sun protection and UV radiation protection. Apply on the skin to darken the complexion.


Is Erythrulose better than DHA?

Erythrulose and Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) are very similar in composition, and both react much the same way on the skin surface. Erythrulose produces a lighter and slower-developing tan, taking 24 to 48 hours to complete development. When used alone, it fades faster than a DHA-based sunless tan.


How to make your own self tanner with Erythrulose?

Items that you’ll need:
– 50 ml Aloe vera gel
– 20 ml distilled water
– 3 ml (60 to 90 drops) Erythrulose
– clean empty spray bottle (recycle if possible)

Or mix 50ml Rosewater and 80 drops Erythrolose

– a funnel
– ph-stripes

1. Mix water with aloe vera
2. Add Eryhtrulose
3. PH should be between 4.0 – 5.0
4. Place funnel in the bottle and pour mixture in
5. Close and shake well
6. Apply generously all over your body and face


Could I have some information about your scope of business?

Our company mainly supply Daily Chemicals for cosmetic(skin care, hair care, body care, beauty care),like surfactant materials, moisturizer and preservative,flavors and fragrances, essential oils; Nutrition Supplements for health care.

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